About Evolving Print

John Dowd

EvolvingPrint is a blog about the newspaper industry – one participant’s thoughts on what’s wrong, what isn’t, and what should be done about both.  I hope you’ll find it interesting enough to subscribe to and comment on from time to time.

About Me

I’ve always loved newspapers (my mom was a free-lancer and I’ve submitted the occasional Op-Ed piece) but actually only joined the industry late in life. After serving 10 years I left the Navy to run, of all things, a direct mail company that was a subsidiary of The Virginian-Pilot newspaper in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  It was there, with one foot in the direct mail space and the other in newspapers, that I became a passionate believer in personalization as the future of print newspapers.

After some success turning around the direct mail company I left to found Precision Ads, as a first step towards bringing personalized print newspapers to reality.  Precision Ads provides newspaper companies the ability to offer highly targeted, visible, and affordable print ads to the long tail of local businesses who have historically not been newspaper advertisers.  Our goal is to increase our ability to target our ads until we are fully address-specific, and then to begin adding content.  In the end we want to equip newspaper companies with the ability to provide their subscribers a companion publication of personalized content and ads alongside their daily newspaper – thereby generating more ad revenue and more circulation demand for the newspaper company.